Surf Safety Course

Who is this course for?

  • Surf Easy Surf School offers a Surf Safety Course for both schools and individuals, so that the student may participate in School Surfing
  • Our course is designed so that surfing students will be equipped to be able to perform surf rescues with an emphasis on the Surfing environment and using the tools at our disposal, namely surf boards.
  • The course has components which include different rescue types, first aid, surf safety and ocean behavior.

What can you expect?

  • We can work with schools to create the best learning schedule for your students and with individuals we can tailor a suitably timed course for you.
  • As well as practical learning we also conduct theory sessions, combined that give the student complete skills to fill confident in the water should something occur.
  • We want to ensure that each participant develops a solid foundation of Surf Rescue.

When is this course held?

  • Typically, school courses are run over six weeks and an individual session over a weekend.
  • We are flexible and can work with you to your needs

Bookings and enquiries

Interested schools or students, our friendly team is ready to assist you.

Email us at or call 0413 333 602 for a personalized quote.

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