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Yoga and Surfing

Surfing lessons and Yoga

In these busy times surfing can bring peace and joy back

into our hectic lives.

If you combine surfing with with an

active, soulful practice like yoga under the big blue sky,

not only can you improve your surfing with better balance,

strength and agility, you can also create a deeper

connection between you, the sea, the waves, nature and the

surfing community.

We are also offering a Winter womens wetsuits and wellness progarm every Friday in term time at 9.30

2 hours of Yoga / Fitness/ Surfing. Email if you would like more information

Your Fitness Friend and Surf Easy are pleased to offer a Surf-Yoga DVD


50 minutes of Surf Yoga practice.

Instructor is Sally MacKinnon, Heart Yoga and meditation

practitioner, Surf Instructor, Personal Trainer and local


to order contact Sally Mackinnon at SALMACKINNON@BIGPOND.COM